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UBiq Holographic Touchless Interface Kiosk

Brand: MDKS

UBiq Holographic Touchless Interface Kiosk
#: ubiq

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Kelly has gone and done something COOL! Manufactured holographic touch kiosk from a clients idea to a pencil reality at the 2010 CES Expo. The image floats in mid-air. You can interact with it by moving your hands in front of it, you never touch anything to make it work. They fake it in the movies, but now we can do it "FOR REAL"! Projected image can be Landscape 52" or Portrait 62", can be 4:3 or 16:9 ratio...this thing is awesome. It's brand new, no tellin' where I'll take this design in the future...look for it in hospitals, arenas, theaters, ... I.M.G is the company we build these kiosk for, exclusively, if you are looking for one, contact Jason Opat at I.M.G. TV News Story.

"...wave your hands in the air, like you just dont care..."

The U Biq is an indoor Kiosk available thru specific Reseller, please inquiry within.

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