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KPilar Indoor Kiosk

KPilar Indoor Kiosk
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The K-Pilar is an Indoor Kiosk. Available sizes are standard 32", 42", 46" or 55". All indoor units are liquid splash/spill resistant. Front access is through a secure hinged door that opens upward and a secondary rear multi-point locking door for power panel access and storage. Although the unit is sleek it allows for ample space to everything. Built for low maintenance, heavy abuse. The KPilar follows our standard design to meet ADA Compliance.

Stand-Alone Indoor Touch Screen Kiosk are manufactured kiosk units built for indoor applications with the strength to be placed outdoors in covered environments. See any of our Outdoor Kiosk without protective visor and solid state a/c. All units are complete with Pedestal for ease-of-installation.

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