Product Details
KLithe -Style Straight-

Brand: MDKS
Weight: 75 lbs

KLithe -Style Straight-
#: kl3

The KLithe "Straight" is a sleek Indoor Kiosk "upright and at attention" with front access for "close to wall" placement. The face of the Kiosk is 2" thick, leaving the rear stationary portion of the body incognito to the user. We have added a special feature unlike any other kiosk you'll see... we made the sides of the kiosk a complete 2" Radius. There are no sharp corners on the sides of the KLithe, leaving this unit very soft and esthetically pleasing to look at. Like all of our kiosk, this guy is fully expandable to accept just about any peripheral...just ask.

Only available in 19" LCD Size.
Touch Screen Type: SAW(Surface Acoustic Wave)
Packaged with our standard PC complete.
Construction: Steel 14ga(.0747")
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