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KDFM IR Touch Flange-Mount HiBrite Display SPWG

Brand: MDKS
Weight: 11 lbs

KDFM IR Touch Flange-Mount HiBrite Display SPWG
#: kdfmir


IR TOUCH (Multi-Touch or Single Touch)

Available Sizes 7", 10.4", 12.1", 15.1", 17.1", 19.1", 19" Wide & 22" Touch Screen Displays

Touch accepts gloved hands, long fingernails, prosthetic limbs, just about any object with finger like density. Very user friendly, Plug-n-Play.

Sunlight Bright LCD's with an optically bonded, Infared All Weather Touch Frame. Multi-Touch IR is Standard with the option for single Touch. Features anti-glare tempered glass and Sunlight Immunity for trouble free operation.

This unit is ideal for those who have an existing enclosure or custom fabricator and want to be OEM GUARANTEED Nema4X front seal. Outer seal is included, a 14 point bolting pattern assures even mount without torguing the frame. NEMA 4X(IP65) Rugged Aluminum construction with Stainless Steel Bezel. Bezel is made with a 60 degree bevel from front to back for easy liquid runoff.

Sunlight Bright LCD's with an optically bonded, Single or Multi-Touch Sensor, anti-glare strengthened glass and vandal resistant.

All sensors are optically bonded with our revolutionary "K-BOND" solution. Eliminates air gap, eliminates moisture build, eliminates heat build up, increases visibility, increases strength, increases heat transfer. If it aint "K-Bonded", it aint ready for the outdoors!

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