Our Company's Focus
To us, the definition of "the highest quality" is creating products and services that go far beyond the expectations of our clients.  We are a team of talented individuals working together as a cohesive group, sharing our unique creativity through our "team player" philosophy.  Our team is our most valuable asset. At MDKS, all of us work hard together to achieve our goals and to excel in doing what we love to do, and that is to make you look your best.

click to enlarge True Outdoor Kiosk Equipment Manufacturer.
Completely "in the wild" uncovered Outdoor Kiosk standing strong against the elements.

We have successful projects years in the running. We manufacture these outdoor kiosks in-house, no third party company here. All programming is analyzed and performed right here, no farming out, in turn, saving you dollars. The PC Panels are completely spec'd, assembled and tested in our PC Lab. All outdoor units are tested for 7 days before shipping, we guarantee a trouble-free outdoor kiosk experience. We did not start out to become an outdoor kiosk manufacturer, we became one solely due to the same specific needs your company is facing today. Outdoor Kiosks are our specialty... compact attractive units that you will be proud to showcase your company's information and to call your own.

click to enlarge Procedural Operations
All equipment is put thru a rigorous Q.C. route at component preparation stage, fabrication stage, during assembly, and at final testing. All of our equipment meets/exceeds UL Certifications along with other specific ADA compliant, ball-drop, vibration, voltage protection specifications. We extend the normal requirements to assure the strength of the equipment.

Company Profile
Established: 1998
Headquarters: Cleveland, GA
CEO: Kelly Small
No. of Employees: 20+/-

* Insured
* World-Wide Sales
* Industrial/Commercial Kiosk-Digital Signage Provider.
* Interior and Exterior Assemblies.
* Small Panel Work Group (SPWG) Panels
* Large Panel Work Group (LPWG) Panels
* Deployed UL Certified Machines
*2nd & 3rd Generation Computing

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