Large Production Capacity
Even with unique design demands.
This is the "Predator" of kiosk!
K-Shark Outdoor Dual Touch Screen Kiosk w/ Dual Magnetic Card Readers. Features high-quality video feed to external Large Format Displays overhead via HDMI "High Definition" connections. Seeing this machine in action is equivalent in nature as a "Great White" cruising the open waters ever so gracefully, devouring its competition. 

Absolute immaculate workmanship. Perfect in every detail.

Your next trip to Top Golf will place you aside these interactive kiosks.

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click to enlarge The Sleek K-Lithe with P.O.S. Bracket
We have added a special feature unlike any other kiosk you'll see... we made the sides of the kiosk a complete 2" Radius. There are no sharp corners on the sides of the KLithe, giving this unit a very soft and aesthetically pleasing look. Over a 100 units built including precision vinyl placement and design.     Visit Flowers Foods

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