Return Policy
Applies to all Hardware Purchases
All Touch Screen Equipment is unique to each order. We have implemented a NO RETURN POLICY due to the uniqueness of each order. We can work with each case by case and attempt to resell the unit for the purchaser. A restocking fee and an equipment evaluation fee will apply, this fee is 45% of sale price. MDKS maintains the right to make this decision per case.

Please understand we are NOT a Kiosk Rental Company, we DO NOT rent kiosks.

The sole purpose of this document is to prevent any and all intentions to use or be accessible to FITHco, Inc.'s equipment for short-term use. If you require equipment for short-term use, we suggest you find a company that supplies that type of service or simply purchase equipment here, our prices are very reasonable and affordably structured to prevent the short-term intentions.
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